Facebook is making it even easier for Non-profit organizations to get in front of the right donors. The Social Good team will allow non-profit organizations to create fundraiser specific pages, as well as letting donors to contribute right from their News Feeds.

Social Good team head and VP of product management, Naomi Gleit, says, “People raise money for disaster relief, they search for missing children and they bring attention to the issues they care about. We’ve seen from our community that when people take action, lives are changed. We know we can do more to enable those connections.”

The new fundraiser pages, similar to event pages, will show the progress of all donations with a progress bar towards a goal. Interested 501 (c) 3 organizations can find more out at donations.fb.com. All participating non-profit organizations must be certified, have verified bank accounts and Facebook pages, and comply with Facebook’s Community Operations Standards. Current partners participating in Social Good are Mercy Corps, the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and World Wildlife Fund.